Order of Rio’s Carnaval Parades in 2022

The main parades of the Grupo Especial are currently scheduled to take place on the nights of Sunday, 27 February and Monday, 28 February 2022. The 12 schools and the order that they will parade in 2022 are (and the 2020 results out of 270 points):

Sunday, 27 February 2022

  • Imperatriz (Promoted)
  • Mangueira (6th: 268.9)
  • Salgueiro (5th: 269.0)
  • São Clemente (10th: 267.0)
  • Viradouro (1st: 269.6)
  • Beija-Flor (4th: 269.4)

Monday, 28 February 2022

  • Paraíso do Tuiuti (11th: 266.2)
  • Portela (7th: 268.8)
  • Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel (3rd: 269.4)
  • Unidos da Tijuca (9th: 267.6)
  • Grande Rio (2nd: 269.6)
  • Vila Isabel (8th: 268.6)

Copacabana Palace Theatre to Re-Open

The famous theatre in Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Palace Hotel is set to re-open in November 2021 after being totally refurbished.

The theatre first opened its curtains in 1949, but it has been closed for productions since 1994. The first production on re-opening is scheduled to be “Copacabana Palace – O Musical”.

The theatre now has 238 seats in the stalls and another 70 on the balcony, as well as a number of boxes.

Its return is a very, very welcome addition to Rio’s cultural scene.