British Airways Daily Service to Rio as of October 2023

As of 28 October 2023, British Airways’ service from London Heathrow to RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim will continue on to Buenos Aires, which will lose its current non-stop service.

However, the flights will now be daily (rather than the current five times a week), and there will be a switch of aircraft from the Boeing 787-8 to the Boeing 777-200ER. That increases capacity from 214 passengers to 272.

The other change is that the outbound flight from London will no longer be a daytime flight but over night. It is expected that the BA 249 will depart daily from London at 22:10, landing in Rio de Janeiro at 07:05 the following day. Departing at 08:35 for Buenos Aires where it is scheduled to land at 11:40. On the return the BA 248 will depart from Buenos Aires at 13:30, landing in Rio de Janeiro at 16:25. It will depart Rio at 17:55 to arrive in London the following day at 08:10.

It is also worth remembering that British Airways will also be able to offer seats between just Rio and Buenos Aires.